Cooperation is our mission.

We deliver screenprinted products of the highest quality to among others designers, companies and distributors of home textile. In our facility you will find all you need: graphic designers, printing, packaging, distribution and sales. We print for example sponge cloths, towels and kitchen towels. We use our own environmentally friendly ink. Welcome!


“A Dishcloths’ Wet Fantasy”

This week (v.12 2019) Katarina Hamilton has this amazing ad in Expressens Leva&Bo. Read the mind of a dish cloth. This is the way it will stay fresh and serve you nearly forever. We are very happy that we have printed this poem for you Katarina Hamilton. Visit her...

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As successful as usual

We are incredibly happy and grateful to meet our existing customers worldwide. Gather in our booth, have valuable meetings and deepen our relationships even more. Several new potential customers have seen our products and the environmentally friendly everyday hero,...

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Follow us on Instagram

Finally - From invisible to visible - We are on Instragram! Follow us to see what we are up to. Use @tekotryck or #tekotryck and we will be very happy when you show the world your products we have printed. See you on Instagram!

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Discoveries that changed civilisation

First came Charles Darwin with his Theory of Evolution. Then came Albert Einstein with his Theory of Relativity. And finally came Nisse, with the theory that printed dish cloths would make life a little more fun. Communication talks about the changed view of the...

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We are more than a printing company. We are good at packing, distribution and sales.

It´s not just screen printing, it is Teko Tryck!

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New prints

Printed dish cloth to Absolut Nordic from Taiwan.

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