First came Charles Darwin with his Theory of Evolution.
Then came Albert Einstein with his Theory of Relativity.
And finally came Nisse, with the theory that printed dish cloths would make life a little more fun.

Communication talks about the changed view of the dishcloth
Teko Tryck, together with the advertising agency Annaochanna in Sölvesborg developed a communication concept for DM, Print, PR, web and future fairs. The main unit is composed of a small folder where you made room for three dish cloths of different colors with different prints – Three personalities whose theories changed civilization: Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein and of course Nils-Gunnar “Nisse” Persson from Teko Tryck that given all dish cloths a new face. The chubby envelope with exciting content tells the possibilities with a dish cloth in a concise and simple way.

No-one credited Nisse’s theory
Twenty years ago, Nisse started talking about how dull and boring dish cloths were, but no-one listened to him. His trailblazing theory that dish cloths with patterns and messages printed on them would make life a little more fun was met with scepticism. But he refused to give up. He stopped talking and started printing patterns on dish cloths as early as in 1994.

Teko Tryck was the first company in the world to introduce design/profile printing on dish cloths
Today, Teko Tryck is an international company that delivers products to all parts of the world, serving customers as far afield as Australia, France, Finland, Germany, Japan, South Korea and the United States. Every year, the company prints, packs and distributes around four million cloths in accordance with customers’ wishes and requirements.

Teko Tryck is the world leader in the field of design/profile printing on dish cloths
Teko Tryck is an expert company, with its own colour mixing studio and its own eco-friendly, water-based colours. Most designers, advertising agencies, profiling companies and an increasing number of celebrities have their own dish cloths printed at the Teko Tryck plant in Sölvesborg, Southern Sweden.

Examples of what you can do in the way of promotions:
• Make a gift of a simple give-away that remains highly visible
in the kitchen for a long time.
• Distribute with a cool message in a DA/DM campaign without
it costing an arm and a leg in postage.
• Use as a golf rag with branding.
• Suggest as a cycle cloth for cyclists who want something
to dry their saddle after a rain shower.

What can you print on a dish cloth?
In our showroom, you will find thousands of examples of what customers have had us print over the years. We have handled commissions for everyone from H&M and Lisa Larson to Disney, Laura Ashley and the Nobel Peace Center. Our customers are experts in creating messages and designs – and we are skilled at printing, packing and delivering.


Why is Teko Tryck so popular?
It may have to do with the short lead times (orders delivered within just a few weeks) and the opportunity to handle everything from small batches to huge print runs. Or it may be because of the expertise of the Teko Tryck staff, with their long and broad experience in pattern processing and textile printing. Most likely, however, it comes down to the excellent working relationship Teko Tryck establishes with its customers.