Kitchen towels in Linen and 50/50 Linen/cotton

Teko Tryck provides you with a kitchen towel which will be in demand and use year after year. On this kind of fabric, we can print very detailed things. The structure gives texture and depth. Our kitchen towels are sewn and woven in Latvia and are available in two qualities: 100% linen and 50/50 linen/cotton. Production this close to Sweden is good for the environment as well as helps us cut lead times.

Good thing about our printed kitchen towels:

  • Shows your brand with the design and/or messages for a long time.
  • Practical to use and distribute.
  • Printed with our waterbased and environmentally friendly ink.
  • Washable in 40 degrees Celsius.

We have the following in stock:

50/50 Linen/Cotton
30X50 cm, white, black, grey, caffe latte. Max printing area 24×40 cm
50×70 cm, white, black, grey, blue, yellow, christmas red, dusty pink, dusty beige, dusty blue, caffe latte, dusty green, dusty rust. Max printing area 40×60 cm

100% Linen:
50×70 cm, unbleached semi natural. Max printing area 40×60 cm

Colours of our kitchen towels here