Teko Tryck, today has cooperation with several designers and we are very proud to help them with printing and colours etc. Mostly we print on spongecloth, bathtowels and home textile (kitchentowels, runners, tablets and so on).  Below comes a brief presentation of some designers:

Anneli Asplund

Anneli Asplunds popular and colourrich motives is inspired and produced with a lot of thout to our environment.

Ann Bäck

Ann Bäck finds her inspiration from the finnish nature, in daily life and thru traveling. Characteristic for Ann and her design is optimism, joy and colour.

Lisa Larson

Lisa Larson was employed at Gustavsberg’s porcelain factory 1954-1980, her designs became classics. Lisa is busier than ever and designs now also for other materials.

Lisa Bengtsson

The designer Lisa Bengtsson is a pioneer thinkerwhen it comes to wallpapers, plates, cushions and sponge cloths.

Emma Sjödin

Emma Sjödin makes art for everyday life. Her sketched pelagons is printed on all from spongecloths to tapestry.

Barbro Tryberg Boberg

Barbro Tryberg Boberg is the clever designer behind the wellknown tray with patterns from Sergels Square (Sergels Torg).

Erika Tubbin

Erika Turbin is a designer with a lot of snarl on her mind. She snarls with jewelry, spongecloth, trays, shoes and so on…

Maria Dahlgren

Design by Maria Dahlgren has a characteristic playfulness and at the same time every motive is unique…

Linda Svensson Edevint

Chances are pretty big that you have one of Linda’s designs in your home. She has designed for IKEA, Klippans Yllefabrik and many others.

Åsa Kax

Åsa Kax visualizes stories both for companies and products. She is also co-writer and designer of the book ”Dearest sponge cloth – the story of an invention from Sweden”.