Screenprinting is a genuine craftsmanship which we do with great respect for quality and environment. We are a unique printing company who also can support you when it comes to packaging, distribution and sales.

Teko Tryck screenprints with the highest quality on behalf of designers, companies and distributors. We done it for 30+ years. Every year we print about 3.5 million products for about 750 customers. Most design and promotion spongecloths are printed by us in Sölvesborg. We are an international company delivering to eg Germany, France, USA, Japan, South Korea and Australia.

In our 2100 squaremeters facility we have seven fully automatic screenprinting machines and we do all from original to the finished product under one roof. We are good at complicated screenprinting as spotcolourprinting for a lot of textile products and we are alone in Sweden to be able to print up to 60×120 cm big motifs. We print on Bath towels, kitchen towels, sponge cloths T-shirts and a lot more. All printing is mad with our own waterbased and environmentally friendly ink. In the process, every product passes several quality control stations to ensure the high quality. Another advantage with us, compared to eg the Far East, is we print small volumes as well as big. Together with our experienced personnel and up to date machine park give us short leadtimes.

Good cooperations is our mission – You and we are one team. We want to meet your expectations and exceed them. We give you flexible solutions for the whole deal, like packing and distributing the product after printing.

Benefit from our partners
Need more products to choose from? We would like to recommend Formpress on the island of Öland, they offer the opportunity to print your designs or messages on serving trays, coasters, cutting boards and tray tables. Please visit their website

Take advantage of our strong sides:

  • Screenprinting with our own waterbased and environmentally friendly ink.
  • Short leadtimes since we have most things in stock and print inhouse.
  • Possible to produce small series with quick repeats.
  • Long experience of working with patters, files and screenprinting on textile.
  • Pack in plastic bags, change of labels and so on.
  • Large volumes in stock and distribution.

You find our catalog here