Manual for new customers:

We need the following information from a new presumptive customer to be able to register them:

  • Name of company
  • Address
  • Postal code / City
  • Country if not Sweden
  • VAT number
  • Phone number
  • Contact
  • Email
  • Website

How to place an order

When you place an order with us, we need some information. This information helps us making the process smooth and avoids misunderstandings.

We need:

    1. Ordername/no
    2. Company
    3. Contact on the order and phonenumber and email
    4. What shall we print on? For example green dishcloth or white towel 70×140
    5. What shall we print and what size and placement should it have?
      a. i. If plain colurs with no shades: We need a vectorized file. In most cases that means an Illustrator (.ai) file. For simple prints in one colour, it might work with other files as well. We will do our best!
      b. ii. If spot colour separation/CMYK: A HiRes photo/file. Click here to rewad more about file formats and colours. 
    6. What colours should we use for the print? We prefer them as Pantone U-scale. If youn’t have access to that, please contact us and we will try to reach another solution!
    7. When do you need it shipped from us?
    8. Delivery address and how to mark it. We send with DPD (Posten) unless you want to arrange for your own carrier.!